We made it to El Paso today after having been on the road about 8 hours from PHoenix on a bus from the PHoenix greyhound station. We met there at 3:20 am, some of us having not slept at all–others having slept only an hour or two.

The ride was fairly uneventful, a few naps here and there, very few people on the bus (which makes it more comfortable!) and we got into El Paso mid-day. It was easy to get our cabs to the hotel, when we were free for some R&R before our first class meeting “in the field.”‘ We then went to dinner with Eduardo Barrera, UTEP Professor of Communication, and Cynthia Marentes, a new doctoral student in the Hugh Downs School at Arizona State University.

Schedule is to get up for a few moments of “Four Seasons yoga” and breakfast before our van comes to pick us up to take us across the border to the bus station in Ciudad Juárez

The group of women in this field excursion is wise, mature, and courageous. I’m very much looking forward to their experiences and sharing their learning.

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This blog is designed to facilitate fieldwork preparation, required reflection writing, and keeping family and friends posted while we are in the field.

Pages for readings, logistics, and journaling are password protected and visible only to class members. Class members should be sure to check the boxes when making entries to be notified of new postings on each page.

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You will be keeping a handwritten field journal while in the course, and along the path preparing for the course.  Still, some of you may wish to keep an online journal to supplement the handwritten assignments you will be given.  HEre are two options you might want to consider.

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At this point, I am not sure about what printing resources will be available; your regularly submitted assignments will be given to me HANDWRITTEN in class.  I will NOT be grading field notes or journals ‘online’ while we are in the field.  If you bring a computer to class, it is an option for you to SUPPLEMENT the class requirements.

Welcome to your Four Seasons Ethnography journey!  I’d like to congratulate you for the commitment you’ve made to learning a new way of engaging your senses and knowledge as you approach new experiences, new relationships, and the wonders of culture as we travel together learning the wonders that journaling, observation, reflection, meditation, and rigorous practice will lead us to.

Some of of us will write academic articles as a result of this experience; others will find ways to further their yoga practice and do their work globally to increase human understanding.  Still others will perform from their core, and other will create creative works to share with others.  Many will teach, and others will become more fully centered humans.

It takes courage to embark on this travel.  It will be fun.  It will be challenging, and we will all learn from each other.

Thank you for taking the first step.

Introduce yourself now…post photos or links that will help us to know you.

Thank you for letting me be your teacher, andn for all that I will, in turn, learn from you.